Monday, November 4, 2013

Oh My Goodness!!!

So, here I am, 30 and only married 2 years....
However, I had been feeling Night Nausea the past week.  So, this afternoon after work I went to my doctor's office  as a walk-in simply feeling like I might have the flu.

Guess what!  NO FLU!!!!!
Instead, Dr. J took a urine test and it came back POSITIVE!!!!  I'm going BACK in Thursday for the actual OB initial check.
This would be SO cool simply because it's what I've wanted for at LEAST a month ;)
So all you lucky people in Blogger Land get to read yet ANOTHER Mama Blog!  However, this one is my 1st.  Therefore, I am going to record everything pre-natal, birth, and the first year. 

Am I excited? Yes.
Nervous? Yes.
Perhaps just a TEENY  bit scared?   Oh Yeah!

However, I have my mom still live and only 8 blocks away from me.

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